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What I do



I design solutions that put humans in the center rather than technology. I explore why problems are problems and if they’re worth solving. I research people, systems and business processes to define the strategy that provides an elegant end-to-end solutions. 


I analyze the existing information structure of systems to identify gaps and recommend opportunities to fill them. I use an architectural approach with every project by building a framework to be the foundation for the product, the team, and the organization.

UI and Visual

I design interfaces that stand out, that are easy to navigate and help users to reach their goals. I value the time and effort required through the stages of testing to refine a design. At the same, I maintain the flexible mindset that keeps business goals, speed-to-market and users in the center.


I build effortless user-experiences across web and mobile interfaces that help people to connect in the real world and create impact and help people to connect in the real world. 


Personal Shopper

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Personal Shopper is a mobile app that enables everyone to get shopping advice from a team of expert shoppers online.

Wix Membership

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Wix Membership a challenge I was given by the Wix product team in Israel in order to address a real-life problem for existing Wix users who are lacking the ability to add membership features to their site.


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Design of a new pharmacy system to eventually replace Walgreens' current system IC+.    |   Website design and content © 2019 Isaac Kadosh