I am a UX leader, product designer, and entrepreneur.

Centering my efforts on

Autonomous UX ownership

If you are a product leader within an organization, you are well aware of the critical need for UX leaders who can autonomously manage multiple domains of the products. This not only increases productivity and team efficiency but also reduces operational costs and time management burdens for leaders.

Metric-driven UX strategy

Every organization is different, but a key to a good UX strategy is one that aligns well with the business strategy and vision.

There are four key components that help me execute a good UX strategy: the people, the processes, the tools we need to use, and the environment and standards in which our strategy is going to live. Another crucial component is establishing the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure the strategy’s measurability.

Product leadership

I strongly believe that collaboration between UXers and design leaders, working towards the same vision, is a critical component for design teams to cooperate more efficiently. I am a strong advocate for giving ownership to individuals as a key factor for their expansion and growth.

User research

I absolutely emphasize the importance of investing in research for every organization I work with. Research is not only a standalone UX practice, but it is also an essential component of UX strategy. It helps substantiate decision-making and plays a vital role in shaping a solid UX strategy.

I have leveraged the planning, designing, analyzing, and synthesizing of multiple studies to shape both business strategy and user experience.

User experience

With a strong foundation in UX/UI, I bring a methodical approach to crafting designs that resonate with users. By delving into user behavior, I ensure that every interaction is intuitive, seamless, and thoughtfully aligned with your brand’s personality, resulting in a compelling user experience.

Cost-saving design mindset

The reality is that UXers working simultaneously on multiple workstreams are consistently faced with the trade-off between speed and delivering high-quality results. It is indeed a tough challenge!
When approaching UX initiatives, I adopt the mindset of treating them as if they were my own entrepreneurial products. This means considering their financial impact and making careful, cost-effective design decisions that align with the overall goals and objectives.

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Crafting exceptional digital products

With years of experience working on a wide range of projects, I have developed a range of out-of-the-box tools and processes, as well as best practices, that create a better synergy within teams when building digital products.


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