Design here, buy on Etsy

Overview is an online product configurator builder that enables Etsy sellers to create an interactive product-customization experience for their buyers.


I led the Research, Discovery, UX and the Visual Design. Collaboration with company CEO, a technical designer and 2 offshore developers.


Product Customization | eCommerce | Retail


Customization on Etsy involves friction

We talked to several Etsy sellers that offer products with customization on the platform and we learned that many times their buyers end up getting products they're not happy with merely because the product they received didn't look good as the product image in the listing page. Even when buyers have the option to describe in words their specific request, they still can't visually see how the end product is going to look like.

Here are some of the problems Etsy sellers deal with:

the approach

One MVP roadmap, 3 alphas, and 2 live beta versions. The roadmap helped us to track both progress and milestones but the true goals of it are to prove two things: traction and profitability.



Our research was led by two main questions: How do we validate from a market stand point that this solution is needed? How do we know the tool we designed will help our users to achieve their goals? We seeked answers to those questions by simply doing two things: talking to our customers and conducting a usability testing.

Usability testing

I wanted the usability testing to help me realize if users can easily achieve 3 things: Create a first product configurator and enable buyers to add two lines of text to a product Enable buyers to upload their an image to a product Allow for buyers to have only one font selection when they customize a product

Talking to our customers

We interviewed about 3 sellers offering customized and personalized products on Etsy and asked them questions about their day-to-day dealing with orders, and learned about their business and pain points.




I created 3 clickable prototypes and defined goals and scenarios for each. This is what one of the scenarios looked like: “You are an Etsy seller selling personalized wooden door signs. Find a way to create an interactive product page on you can give to your Etsy buyers so they personalize themselves. “ Goal: Create a new studio of a wooden door sign and add two lines of text two it.”

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