I’m an experienced UX leader & entrepreneur focused on building transformative digital products for startups and Fortune 500 companies.


Over the past 15 years, I have held roles as a Senior Product Designer and Lead UX in renowned companies like Sears, Walmart, Walgreens, PepsiCo, and Envestnet. I have served both as a consultant and in permanent positions, leveraging my expertise in design and strategy to help these companies gain a competitive advantage.


In 2021, I ventured into entrepreneurship and launched a SaaS platform with the mission to streamline data collection and analysis for product builders. This venture has significantly contributed to my growth as a product leader, expanding my expertise beyond UX and into managing engineering teams, budget and resources, GTM strategy, making trade-offs, and thriving in an environment of uncertainty.

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Plum Tree Group

Work experience

Principal and Senior Product Designer

Hoag Health System

Chicago, IL / remote
2023 - present

I was hired by Hoag to address the significant issue of patient fragmentation across multiple healthcare providers. As a leader in the UX domain, I spearheaded the development of a platform aimed at tackling this problem. This initiative required extensive research and allocated resources. I led various workstreams, including the creation of centralized patient experiences throughout the network and the analysis of large-scale surveys encompassing patient perspectives. My role involved driving the design and implementation of solutions to achieve the overarching goal of reducing fragmentation and improving the patient experience.

Lead UX


Chicago, IL / remote
2022 - 2023

I joined the Sulos team as the lead designer for a remote patient monitoring application in the field of palliative care. My role involves driving strategic initiatives and planning to enhance the system's user experience by connecting patients, their families, care teams, and care coordinators at palliative care organizations. By adopting a research-driven and user-focused approach, I am helping the company prioritize user needs in the development process and shift away from a team-centric focus.​

Senior UX Design Consultant ​


Chicago, IL / remote 2021 - 2022​

During my time at Envestnet, I established myself as an inclusive design leader and strong user advocate. I oversaw the experience strategy and UI/UX design for Envestnet’s core foundational financial products, upon which all other products relied. My focus was on demonstrating the value of human-centered design to VP-level business stakeholders and managing UX collaboration. ​

Senior UX Design Consultant


Chicago, IL / remote
2020 - 2021

During my time at this role, I worked with a small consulting team to build custom ecommerce solutions for PepsiCo from the ground up. I had the opportunity to apply my skills in UX design and product management to lead the planning, strategy, and roadmap of the platform. Additionally, I worked with the client to learn about their customers and pain points, which helped me translate them into real solutions."​

Senior UX Design Consultant


Chicago, IL / remote

I had the opportunity to work with great UX teams helping to modernize Walmart's dynamic pricing legacy systems. I applied my skills as a researcher and took the lead in conducting user research for one of the company's pricing systems. Additionally, I used my design research findings to design the next generation of the platform. As a mentor, I also worked with junior designers to help them improve their skills, particularly in the areas of deliberation and problem-solving.

Senior UX Design Consultant


Chicago, IL

As a UX consultant on the team, I worked with a large UX team and researchers to reshape the future of the next-generation pharmacy application. I applied my UX skills to lead the domain of patient profile and patient registration, consolidating a large amount of data into a meaningful ecosystem of relevant content which influenced the designs and drove design discussions.

Head of Product


Chicago, IL
2018 - 2019

At Doogma, I had the privilege of leading the entire user experience for the company's core product customization technology. I oversaw the design of product configuration experiences for clients' ecommerce sites, ensuring that the end-to-end experience was seamless. Additionally, I worked closely with the CEO to identify strategic, intuitive solutions that would translate into scaling MRR.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Sears Holdings Corp.

Chicago, IL
2014 - 2017

Pivoting from a startup culture into a enterprise-level environment at Sears America, I used my extensive knowledge of building the Sears platform Shop Your Way to design numerous projects for the company, such as Pebble, Sears Auto, and mainly the Personal Shopper app. These projects included leading the visual experience and developing detailed wireframes and prototypes.​

Art Director

Sears Israel​

Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 - 2014

I joined the Sears Israel team shortly after it was acquired by Sears U.S. and collaborated with great designers, product managers, and leadership to redefine the online shopping experience and transform Shop Your Way into a mega site used by millions of shoppers. This included collaboration with teams on the U.S. side and bringing many ideas to life. Additionally, I established the first design studio at Sears Israel and hired designers and freelancers to support our efforts.