food for good

Meals that impact communities


Fortune 50 beverage company transitioned to the digital space and and developing B2B eCommerce platform allowing nonprofits and NGO’s to order, manage and ship food products to communities across the country.


Research, UX Planning, UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design


Food and Beverage | eCommerce | B2B | Retail


• School kids aren't unable to get their meal kits during the holiday season and covid.

• Customers rely on the business hours to place orders

• Customers are unable to tell whether items are out of stock or can't be delivered to certain address


Digital experience custom-solution e-commerce site for nonprofits, NGOs, and food distributors to browse through the inventory of meal kits, place multi-location bulk orders, and track shipping and delivery.

The consumer experience

These screens are what NGO's and non-profits interact with all the way from learning about the program placing, tracking and receiving orders.

Browse meals

Browse different meals and adding them to different addresses

Meal kit content

Product page that that presents the meal content. product that contains multiple products


The cart experience allow users to see which meal kit goes where

Invoices & Orders

NGO's and non-profits, view, manage and their order from here

Staff admin

Is where the business manage incoming orders, invoices, new customers and finances.


• Lack of efficiency due to spending a lot of time on the phone with customers, calling when have issues with orders or out

Unable to scale due to lots of manual labor done by one outbound manager


Admin backend application with the necessary tools they need to run the business. all away from managing orders, customers, contracts, to reports and financials.

Additional screens

Impact people

It was super exciting to see school kids receiving their meal kit with the new service. And from the bussines side, the process of manual was almost completely lifted

Under the hood

How we got there

UX Proccess & stages

1. Research & Discovery​

Through questionnaires and meetings to discover business, customers, and user needs.

2. Strategy

Team collaboration on defining shippable product stages. ex: consumer facing frontend, choosing a design framework.

3. UX Planning​

Through MVP’s, prioritizing features for different releases

4. Design Phase I

Consumer side MVP user journeys, technical user flows and customer profiles

5. Design Phase II​

Consumer MVP low-fi wireframes to communicate design decisions, through hifi prototype including visual design ​

6. Design Phase II​I

Architecting first version design system aligned with the material design framework ​

7. Backend Design - Planning

Planning MVP, Data Prioritization, IA and Layout

8. Backend Design - Design

Designing primary backend screens to fully support frontend consumer side